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What we do

Dareboost is an all-in-one tool dedicated to web performance optimization through synthetic page and user journey monitoring.

Dareboost is designed to help all web professionals to collaborate and improve their understanding of web performance issues.

Website Speed Test Report
Website Speed Test Report
Dareboost in Rennes, France

Who we are

Created in 2013 by four friends as an engineering school project, Dareboost has been founded as a company in 2014 with the ambition to deliver an easy-to-use service, unlike those that already existed and were only intended for performance experts.

Dareboost is now a company of 9 people, located throughout France, with its headquarters in Rennes, a youthful city of outstanding historical heritage, based in Brittany. Each of us comes with their story, their relationship to the solution and to Web performance, their passions, hobbies, and fantasy.

Who do we work for

Because we owe them our success, we are constantly improving our service for our customers, partners, and our free users.

We’re always looking for their feedback and trying to help them, so we make sure to always keep in mind why and for whom we have created Dareboost in the first place.

We’re not only building a great Software as a Service, we’re building quality relationships and trust.

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How we work

We believe that good products originate from good working environments.

Everyone at Dareboost, whether they’re office or remote workers, designers or customer managers, developers or product owner… can benefit from flexible working hours, processes that adapt to them (and not the other way around), appropriate and comfortable environment, designed for them to thrive in our shared mission to build a more efficient web!