The average weight of web pages has doubled for the last 3 years.

Websites are too slow, and quality issues are too common. As any visitor, we too, are often frustrated when browsing the Internet. To remedy this, we created Dareboost.

A single second can cost you 7% of your total turnover. Speed is a requirement, a necessity. With Dareboost, we aim to give you complete control over the performance and quality of your selling tool: your website.

We understand what's at stake: Dareboost provide the technical expertise and helps support your decisions. Our solution bring simplicity and synthesis to managers and, at the same time, offer efficient tools for developers; putting management and productivity within easy reach.

Who are we?

Dareboost is a start-up company created in 2014. We are a team of seven enthusiastic people, with the ambition to speed up the web.

We really enjoy being in direct contact with our users so do not hesitate to contact us, whether by phone, email or on Twitter. If you can, drop in and visit us, we'll be happy to offer you a cup of coffee and show you the great work we are doing.



I am here to make sure you are satisfied with the work we do and to ensure the continuous improvement of our service




I am committed to guaranteeing the robustness, reliability and availability of Dareboost for our customers




I bring my network expertise to improve the performance of your websites



My continuous technology watch enables us to guarantee the quality of our best practices

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Jury and Audience Award in the category "usages of tomorrow"