User Journey Monitoring

Monitor your customer journeys performance

Our website speed test and monitoring service allow you to replicate any user navigation scenario, no matter how complex it is.

By monitoring your most strategic user journeys, you ensure to detect every single slowdown or failure thanks to our customizable checkpoints and alerts.

Whatever the technologies your website is using, and without any installation required, you can edit your monitored user journeys by your own at any time. Definitively a valuable agility boost compared to the other tools available on the market!

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Monitor your scenarios, even the most complex

The Dareboost transaction monitoring service will fit to all types of businesses and websites: e-commerce, News website, as well as any kind of back or front offices.

Replicate your most strategic user journeys: conversion funnel, form completion and submission or simply the visit of a sequence of web pages.

Dareboost also allows you to set up your own checkpoints to be tested at each scenario execution. Effortless you will therefore make sure that the user journey always remains functional and detect any failure before your visitors experience any trouble!

User journeys, steps & alerts

The Dareboost dashboard give you access to your scenario monitoring data through not less than 4 reading levels: from the overall data history for the whole user journey to the detailed information about one given step execution.

The metrics regarding speed can be reviewed for every single of these levels, as well as the number of requests and weight breakdown (image, javascript, etc).

You can configure your own performance budget for the whole journey as well as for a given step. You will then receive customized alerts according to your own issues.

Video replay, UX and technical indicators

For every execution of your user journeys, you can replay the video and access to the filmstrip for an image by image focus. You will also get our whole collection of metrics related to user experience (UX), as Start Render, Visually Complete and Speed Index. The perfect pendant to all the available technical indicators (browser console, timeline, etc).

Export and API triggering

In case our dashboards and custom weekly reports don't totally fulfill your needs, we allow you to export in a single click your monitoring data as a CSV file!

Our API will also give you access to your data, to be used within your own tools, as well as allowing you to automate the execution of your user journey, to be triggered with new deployments for example.

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