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Why should I care about my website optimization?

A 1-second delay in page loading time can lead to 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions. (Source : Aberdeen Group).
Loading time impacts the income generated by online businesses. It affects, among others, the bounce rate, the conversion rate, the average basket ... By having a faster website than your competitors, you give yourself a good opportunity to increase your sales and, therefore, your market share.

What factors affect my website loading time?

Several factors affect your loading time, such as network performance or your hosting infrastructure, but 90% of these waiting times are front-end related (Source: High Performance Web Sites). It means that most of the loading times lie in what happens after the initial response from your web server (images, widgets, etc.). This must be one of your main areas of concern. That's why Dareboost is appointed to help you improve and monitor the performance and the quality of the front-end.

Dareboost provides best practices, what are their purpose?

The rules applied by Dareboost aim at checking the compliance of your web pages with the latest best practices in web development. Dareboost provides you with the best practices recognized by the leading actors in the sector (including Google and Yahoo) and also guides you in the use of technologies detected on your website to ensure an optimal loading time.

Is it possible that my score changed without any modification on my website?

Dareboost is updated regularly to include new features and improvements. Our best practices change frequently, either by integrating new rules or by improving existing ones. It is likely that your score is affected by these changes.

We keep you informed about updates from your dashboard, our blog, or social network.

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How does Dareboost go further than other auditing tools?

Through our work on technology watch, our discussions with publishers of web technologies and suggestions from our users, we offer a lot of unique best practices and tips on the market for automated auditing tools. Moreover our audits take into account the technologies used in your website to give you the most relevant advice and to guide you, step by step, through the improvement of your pages.

Do I have to install anything to analyze a web page?

No installation is required to analyze a web page. You don't need to make any change on your web pages or to configure anything. Simply enter the URL you want to analyze and Dareboost will provide you with a full report in a few seconds.

Can Dareboost improve my website automatically?

No, Dareboost is an auditing and advising tool. The service does not carry out the corrections. Dareboost provides youwith customized guides explaining the steps to follow to have quality and efficient web pages. We strive to make these guidelines as accessible as so that even people without any particular technical skills can solve their own problems.

Can I analyze other websites than mine?

Dareboost requires no installation: you can analyze any page of any domain. You are completely free to use Dareboost as a competitive intelligence tool by monitoring the pages of your competitors: then you can easily compare your website to theirs and make sure to be always the fastest.

Dareboost provides a lot of tips, what should I do first?

Dareboost calculates the impact of each best practice. So the most important issues are placed at the top of your report. The list of best practices begins with the three priorities that you should fix to optimize your website. This sorting is systematically applied, whether you consult all of the advice or only those from a specific category.

How do you calculate my score?

Scores are indicators showing the degree of compliance with one or a group of best practices. We give two different types of scores, all between 0 and 100:

  • A score for each best practice: the more you respect the rule, the more your score is close to 100. These marks have a coefficient to determine what your priorities are.
  • The overall score of the page: this is the average score,taking into account the coefficients of each best practice.

How does performance monitoring work?

When you monitor a web page, an analysis is automatically launched at regular intervals. Dareboost allows you to monitor your web pages and receive alerts in case of problems.
These use repeated data collection to generate statistics, so you have a clear vision of the evolution of the performance and quality of your pages. You can find all this data in your dashboard after connection or in the weekly digest by e-mail.

Why should I monitor a web page?

Over time, your website faces many evolutions, not necessarily from you. The monitoring configuration not only allows you to see and respond to changes in the performance and the quality of your website over time but also allows you to set alerts to be notified by email as soon as a problem is detected.

Who has access to reports generated by Dareboost? Can I share a report?

Each of our reports has a single address, like "". You can share this address with anybody to provide them access to the report. Reports generated in "private mode" (available in the advanced settings) are only accessible by you. You cannot share them. Registered users also have the ability to generate a PDF version of their reports (a white label feature is available too) to send it by e-mail or other methods.

Advanced usage

Can I test a mobile version of my website?

Yes, Dareboost offers the possibility to simulate a smartphone user (select a mobile browser), and assign a 3G bandwidth. You will be able to measure the performance of your page in such configuration and access best practices dedicated to mobile sites or responsive web design.

Is it possible to analyze a web page that requires authentication?

Yes, it is, the ".htaccess" tab in the advanced settings allows you to specify a username and a password to analyze the pages that require basic authentication.

Does the service have an API?

Dareboost has an API that allows to perform basic actions: launch an analysis, obtain the report of the analysis or get the latest report for one of your monitored pages. If you want to have an access to the API, do not hesitate to contact us. For further information, please visit our technical documentation. We also have a java client to facilitate your use of the API.

Analysis errors

Dareboost shows me an error "401 Unauthorized" when I try to run an analysis.

The 401 or Unauthorized error message is returned by the server when the web page you want to analyze requires an authentication.
Dareboost allows you to analyze such pages thanks to its advanced settings. These are available at the bottom of the analysis form. The "Htaccess" tab allows you to enter a login and a password. The information is encrypted and stored by Dareboost. You should generate a test login/password pair to use this feature.

Dareboost shows me an error "404 Not found" when I try to run an analysis.

Dareboost does not find the page you are trying to analyze:

  • Check you have entered the address correctly;
  • Use your web browser to check that the page behind the URL you have given to Dareboost is available;
  • Maybe you are trying to analyze a page that is not reachable from the Internet (local network?)

Dareboost shows me an error "403 forbidden" when I try to run an analysis.

The server is refusing to respond to the request sent by Dareboost.
Your server/hosting provider may have put Dareboost’s server in a blacklist. Or your web page is only reachable from your local area network.

Dareboost shows me an error "500 Internal Server Error" when I try to run an analysis.

The server returned to Dareboost that an error occurred while it was trying to generate the response.
Check if you can access the page you want to analyze with your browser. If your browser returns you the same error, come back later and launch the analysis again.

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