Website Comparison Speed Test Is your website faster than your competitors'?

Benefit from our powerful web performance and quality analysis service as a comparative tool. You will be able to benchmark your website and your competitors' but also compare your own web pages results through various contexts (location, bandwidth, etc.).

Dareboost provides an outstanding range of comparison options and nice graphic reports in order to easily identify the main differences and weaknesses to be fixed.

An exclusive tool that will fit all your benchmarking needs.

page quality comparison example
page quality comparison example

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Comparison report of 2 website speed tests
Comparison report of 2 website speed tests

Comparison: a core Dareboost feature

Comparisons can be launched in a single click simply entering 2 URLs, but you can also benefit from our advanced settings. Within our comparison reports, you will get all of the usual Dareboost metrics: quality score, speed index, server response time, and so on. In the blink of an eye, you will know which web page is faster. Then our detailed reports are available for deeper analyses.

Comparison is a core feature of Dareboost: comparison reports are automatically generated each time you receive a monitoring alert in order to highlight the changes. At any time, you can also produce a comparison report based on any of your previous standalone analyses.

Numerous use cases for comparisons

Dareboost gives you access to 3 key-in-hand use cases: challenge 2 competing web pages, compare the performance of a single page with mobile versus desktop context, and evaluate the browser cache efficiency on any webpage (repeated view).

Still, you can go even further by using our numerous advanced settings: highlight the specific impact of any third-party thanks to our blacklist option, compare your results between 3G and 4G connections, or even test your website speed from 2 different locations to measure the impact!

Naturally, you can also use our comparison reports as a "before/after" approach in order to highlight the results for your optimization efforts.

Comparison report of 2 website speed tests
Comparison report of 2 website speed tests

Comparison reports: ready to share and export

Like for our classical audits, comparison reports generated with Dareboost can be shared in only 1 click with any of your collaborators, customers or service providers. As well the web version as the PDF one.

Our White Label option will allow you to customize your PDF reports with your company logo and to get an amazing deliverable in a few seconds only!

Video capture: let's replay the fight

Dareboost let you replay the video of the 2 tested web pages loading. One great feature to visually understand the web performance impacts on the user experience without staring at the technical indicators.

Our comparison reports also provide the filmstrips in order to compare the web pages displaying step by step.

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