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SEO, security, performance, accessibility and more… For all tested web pages, without anything to install, our web service instantly provides a comprehensive audit about all aspects of web quality.

Dareboost reports establish your priorities through detailed guidelines, customized according to the technologies used on your very own website. Our permanent technological watch will empower even the most experts. Allowing to apply today the best practices that will make the tomorrow's standards.

example of best practice provided by Dareboost
example of best practice provided by Dareboost

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Dareboost score is computed thanks to dozens of quality checks
Dareboost score is computed thanks to dozens of quality checks

100+ quality checks in our analyses

While measuring how fast your web pages are loading, Dareboost also collects tons of data regarding their structure (HTML, images, javascript, CSS, etc). Those data are then analyzed and checked against our 100+ best practices related to on-page SEO, web performance, security or again accessibility.

In the blink of an eye, you get an overall quality score as well as detailed results to understand the detected issues, their consequences, and help you to enforce relevant optimizations.

Detailed optimization advice

Not only Dareboost reveals the issues and weaknesses of your web page, but our tool also provides solutions, ordered by priority. Our advice are rated according to their estimated impact on business activity and they are continuously improved thanks to the feedbacks from our 45,000+ users.

By detecting the technologies used on your website (CMS, frameworks, etc.), we are also able to deliver highly personalized tips, adapted to your website technical environment.

Doing so, Dareboost provides ready-to-use solutions, much more detailed than anywhere else. So helpful to identify the most effective optimizations to do!

Dareboost score is computed thanks to dozens of quality checks
Dareboost score is computed thanks to dozens of quality checks

PDF export and report sharing

Our audits can easily integrate your own workflow, in a single click: all of our web reports can be shared to your team-mates, service providers or customers. You can also export them as a neat PDF file.

We also provide a white-labelled option, to export your reports with your own company logo. A great feature for web development and SEO agencies to instantly get elegant deliverables.

Continuous web quality watch

The Dareboost team regularly upgrades checked best practices thanks to its continuous technological watch about web performance and quality.

Not only we allow our customers to make sure they comply with the latest web best practices but also to anticipate the next standards by gradually introducing new quality checks whose overall score impacts are smoothly increased.

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