All the problems of your website explained in a single report

In a few seconds our product provides you a comprehensive report of your website performance and quality, with Real Browser metrics and top of the range tips to drive optimization.

  • 100+ Checkpoints
  • Optimization Guidelines
  • Desktop and Mobile Testing
  • Performance Expertise Tools

100+ Checkpoints

DareBoost checks a hundred of points on your websites and delivers stakes details about performance, SEO, accessibility, code quality, and more.

web performance and quality checkpoints

Optimization Guidelines

Thanks to the detection of the technologies used by your website, we provide you contextualized best practices and step-by-step guides to help you improve your website.

Custom tips, performance guidelines

Desktop and Mobile Testing

DareBoost allows you to test your website from a Real Browser, and you can test desktop version, mobile site or responsive as well. Our checkpoints fit to the test environment you choose.

Mobile speed test Desktop speed test

Performance Expertise Tools

We do our best to simplify your work and absorbe technical complexity. But if your technical team needs advanced information, we offer great features like a waterfall (timeline) and Performance Timings.

Speed test tool

Take control of your website's performance and quality

It's easy thanks to DareBoost professional plans.

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Supervision, issues detection and monitoring

Automatically and painlessly, you follow the evolution of the quality and the speed of your website. In case of regression or issue, we will alert you!

Synthetic Monitoring

In a few seconds you can enable monitoring of your important pages. DareBoost will automatically analyze them regularly (daily or hourly) and apply all its diagnostic potential.

Website quality and speed monitoring

Alerts on issues

Every time DareBoost will detect an issue on a monitored page, you will receive an alert with an access to a full report, allowing you to know what gone wrong.

Email alerts on issues

Performance Budget

You can define your own performance and quality budget (your own goals). DareBoost will alert you if your page doesn't respect it. You can use it on your development website too (we support authentication).

Set a performance budget

Transactional Tests

DareBoost can reproduce advanced transactional browsing, to control that it runs and performs well. It's currently a beta, but you can contact us for further information.

Transactional tests tool

Weekly Digests

We know your time is precious. That's why we send you each week a summary of what matters: major evolutions of your website quality and performance, major events and key resources.

Weekly performance digests
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Alerts on issues
  • Performance Budget
  • Transactional Tests
  • Weekly Digests

Pages comparison

Compare the speed of two versions of a same page, or compare your pages with those of your competitors.

Competitive benchmarking

The difference between two times is perceptible above 20% difference. Compare your website performance to your competitors. Your goal: to be 20% faster, or failing, not to be perceived as slower!

Compare website speed and quality

Desktop vs Mobile

Internet users are more impatient on their mobile phone! Is your website as fast on smartphones as on desktop?

Compare desktop and mobile performance tests

Automated monitoring

You want to compare your website to your competitors over time? We can build custom dashboards, feel free to contact us!

Monitor your competitors websites speed
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Desktop vs Mobile
  • Automated monitoring

A powerful environment to fit your workflow

Whether the development of your site is internalized or outsourced, or you are an agency that manages a lot of projects, our product is designed to fit the needs of your organization.

  • PDF Reports
  • White label
  • Multi-accounts
  • API

PDF Reports

All our reports can be shared with your collaborators in their web version, or can be exported as PDF files.

Export performance analysis to PDF format

White label

You would like to offer added value to your customers or prospects? Our PDF reports are available in white label (choice of logo, textual introduction, etc.

Get a white label speed test tool


You want to share your account with several collaborators? Or to allow a service provider to access your data? This is possible with our multi-accounts features!

Share the performance tests with your teammates


Your worklow is already great and you don't want to have to use our web interface to benefit from our expertise? You can do so with our API, possibilities are endless!

Our speed test and quality check API

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