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A tool to test performance

Performance test

Test the speed of your web pages at a glance. Find on the same report all major indicators of technical performance and user experience (Speed Index, Start Render ...).

  • Video Replay and UX analysis
  • Advanced settings (mobile/desktop, bandwidth, and more)
  • 13 test locations
  • Real browser (Chrome)
  • Waterfall / Timeline

Web quality analysis tool

Web page analysis

Easily optimize your web pages thanks to the best practices checked by the tool: SEO, Security, Performance... We provide detailed guidelines ordered by priorities to improve your effectiveness.

  • 100+ quality checks
  • Optimization Guidelines customized according to the context and technologies
  • An up-to-date best practices repository thanks to our continuous technology watch
  • PDF export and shareable reports

Web Quality and Performance Benchmark

Comparison and benchmark

Compare the performance of your web pages and those of your competitors. Detect strengths and weaknesses of each at a glance. Highlight your optimization efforts results with pre/post reports.

  • Comparative Graphs
  • Video Replay
  • PDF export and shareable reports
  • 4 pre-configured use cases and dozens of others possible via our advanced settings

All our features are also accessible via our API

web quality and performance monitoring

Performance Synthetic Monitoring

Monitor your pages speed and specify your own thresholds to detect any regression or slowdown. Easily identify underlying issues through our detailed alert reports. View your data with interactive graphics on your customizable dashboards.

  • Choose check frequency (24h, 1h or 15min)
  • Track your competitors and configure groups of monitored pages
  • False-positive detection mechanism
  • CSV export and API

user journey performance monitoring

User Journey Performance Monitoring

The best of our synthetic monitoring features applied to your most strategic user journeys. Define your own scenarios and activate monitoring, add functional checkpoints and performance goals. So detect any slowdown or dysfunction before risking a loss of income!

  • Tailor-made scenarios: Funnel, Forms validation, etc.
  • Read data on 4 levels, history or execution detail - from the whole scenario to one specific step
  • Video Replay and UX indicators

Quality and performance monitoring example
user journey example

Dareboost - Flipkart Review

Highly recommend it to everyone

Aditya Punjani, Tech Lead on the Web platform and Performance team, Flipkart

I want to strongly recommend Dareboost and highlight why it has been so impactful and valuable for us at Flipkart.
Very insightful analysis tool, invaluable Compare tool, Monitoring, extremely "manager-friendly" UI dashboard… Overall Dareboost has been an extremely resourceful and enlightening tool for us, especially given the scale that we operate at.

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