Let our experts audit your web performance Our primary business is to provide a powerful solution
to test and analyze the performance of your website.
We can help you to go further.

Dareboost has been discontinued and replaced by a new product that's part of the Contentsquare offering: Speed Analysis.

Speed Analysis is not only about Synthetic Monitoring but also offers powerful Real User Monitoring capabilities, a great fit for brands leading the way on customer experience across the world.

Web performance consulting

Our engineers will perform a detailed audit of your website in order to list the main optimizations you need to implement for faster webpages. We will obviously consider your frameworks/CMS and budget constraints.

We are also able to help your company by providing training, in order to create a culture of performance among your team.

Is your website facing performance or quality issues? Your team or web agency unable to find a solution? Do not hesitate - contact us. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help.