Dareboost main concepts

Dareboost is a web pages testing & monitoring tool, measuring web performance as well as quality and delivering some optimization advice.

Dareboost does not require any installation nor configuration on your website.

Dareboost is a Real Browser Testing service based on mainstream browsers (Google Chrome). While launching a Dareboost test or executing a monitoring, one of our test probes runs a Chrome session to browse the web page to be tested, according to the advanced settings you have defined otherwise our default parameters. As a consequence, the web performance test is managed within very closed conditions to your real website users'.

Then we interrogate the Google Chrome browser to gather numerous data, as loading times but also files that have been loaded to display the web page. All these data are analyzed so that we could provide you a complete technical audit and numerous optimization advice.

Not only Dareboost analyzes technical facts but also captures a video of the web page loading. Analyzing this video allows us to include within our reports some relevant metrics to User Experience (UX), as Start Render or Speed Index.

Our synthetic monitoring features are based on the very same principles to ensure you with the closest oversight of your website through numerous graphs as smart alerts you can configure according your own targets & thresholds.

Last but not least: as Dareboost does not require any installation, you can use it to keep an eye on your competitor's web pages performances and compare them with your own ones!

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