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Your website never stops evolving and you have to deal with more and more third-party services. That's some of the reasons why you have to keep a close eye on the performance and the technical quality of your web pages.

Dareboost is the very-first tool to provide in a single place web quality and performance monitoring, with an easy-to-use interface for your whole team.

Comprehensive records of your web performance data, root cause analysis for slowdowns, alerts based on custom thresholds (performance budget) and detection of quality regressions: a single tool to fulfill all your needs.

Quality and performance monitoring example
Quality and performance monitoring example

Discover our synthetic monitoring tool - no installation needed

Website Speed Monitoring Dashboard
Website Speed Monitoring Dashboard

Keep track of your performance with our dashboards

Thanks to our synthetic monitoring technology, you will benefit from all of our website speed test settings, from probe location to bandwidth limitation. You can choose the monitoring frequency (24h, 60min, 15min) fitting your own needs and budget.

You can access to your monitoring data at any time through a simple, neat and customizable interface that will allow you to fulfill the needs of any of your collaborators, thanks to our multi-account feature, including read-only access.

Any of our test reports remain available for a detailed analysis.

Custom alerts and performance budget

Easily detect any slow down or quality regression thanks to our powerful alerting system. Set up your own thresholds to be checked against the performance metrics of your choice and define the suitable recipients among your own team or service providers.

An incident occurred on your website? A slow down? An alert is triggered as soon as this issue is confirmed through our false positive elimination system. Each of our alert is sent with a before/after comparison report to identify the cause of this issue!

The perfect tool to set up and enforce your performance budgets.

Website Speed Monitoring Dashboard
Website Speed Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your competitors, create groups

Explore your data under new angles by creating as much groups as you wish in order to visualize your monitored web pages.

Competitor analysis and benchmarking, grouping your monitored pages by project, comparing the performance of a single page regarding various browsing locations: group feature offers you unlimited use cases!

CSV data export or API

In case our custom dashboards and weekly reports don't fulfil all your needs, you can still export your monitoring data as a CSV file with a single click!

Our API will also give you access to your data, to be used within your own tools, as well as allowing you to create custom events automatically in your dashboards (to keep a track of your deployments and outages for example).

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