Web Performance Monitoring

The monitoring features (synthetic monitoring) offered by Dareboost rely on our web performance testing technology. These monitors are realized with the Google Chrome browser (Real Browser Monitoring) and all our advanced options are available alike.

Without anything to install, you can monitor as your own web pages as your competitors' to thrive interactive and customizable dashboards, with numerous web performance metrics, and set up alerts to ensure you meet your own goals!

monitoring report

Monitor a new page

You can create a new monitoring through several ways:

  • From your dashboard, thanks to the "Monitor a new page" action
  • From the list of your monitored pages, by clicking on the "Monitor a new page" button
  • From an existing monitoring, using the "Actions" dropdown ("Duplicate" action)

You will then access to a form, where you just have to give a name to your monitoring. Afterward, this name will be used within our website and our emails. It will also help you to retrieve your monitoring thanks to our search module: so do not hesitate to be explicit, especially if you intend to monitor numerous web pages. With your Dareboost account.

create monitoring

Then you have to select your monitoring frequency. The available frequencies depend on the plan you have subscribed:

Etape suivante : il vous faut choisir la fréquence d'exécution. Les fréquences proposées dépendent de l'offre dont vous disposez :

  • Daily (1 test per 24H)
  • Hourly (1 test per hour)
  • 15 min (on demand only, contact us)

Note that if you have chosen the daily frequency, you can define the approximate time of the executions (if you choose 14:00, the test will automatically be launched between 13:40 and 14:20).

Last step : you can enable/disable the integration of this monitoring in the weekly summary we are sending to the main email address of your Dareboost account.

Thereafter, you will be able to edit the monitoring whenever you need it, and change each of these settings.

We can provide a "repeated view" option for ou customers. This feature allow an additional measurment for every performance check of the monitored pages. The second test is conducted with a cache already initialized on the web browser (by the first visit of the page). Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

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