Best practices and tips

Right below the report summary (#9), you access to our best practices & tips list. There you find all the applied checkpoints that have been used to calculate the overall quality score of your web page.

By default all categories are displayed, but you can filter on any category if necessary (example: only advice related to SEO).

web quality best practices access

Advice are always ordered according to their priority level defined by Dareboost and regarding the score and the coefficient for each of these checkpoints.

As an example, a checkpoint with a 0/100 score may be downgraded against checkpoints with higher scores within your priorities, because of a lower coefficient.

Colors and symbols are used for your results:

  • Green: success, the score is higher than 90/100
  • Orange: improvement, the score is higher than 50/100 or the checkpoint is considered to have fairly few stakes (through a low coefficient)
  • Red: problem, the score is low and the checkpoint has significant stakes
  • Blue: information. It may be a checkpoint whose issues depend on a particular context about which we can't state further, otherwise just an information we are bring to your attention.

Each of our advice presents the stakes related to the best practice, details about the encountered issue, and a process to solve it. As far as possible, our optimization tips include adapted guidelines to the detected technologies.

If you notice a problem with a tip (false positives, spelling, weird priority level, etc.), please use our "Report a problem" form (on the left side of each recommendation). We will answer you within 48 hours. If the problem is proven, it will usually be fixed within the same timeframe.

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