Other reported information

Within our detailed reports, you will also find:

Other access

Detailed steps (more metrics) (5)

This action/button, located under the "first byte" indicator, allows you to display all the performance timings of the analyzed page, as basic ones as well as advanced metrics.
As these indicators are shown chronologically within the loading process, you will then be able to easily identify the most time-consuming steps.

Browser errors (7)

This area indicates the number of errors or warnings issued by the web browser while browsing the tested web page. Actually, these information usually appear in the browser console (for developers). We are showing them here after having filtered them.
We are also displaying a color indicator for this area: red if there are some errors, orange in case of warnings, and green if there is nothing to report.

Detected technologies (8)

To carry out a complete audit of your web page, Dareboost relies on the detection of the technologies currently used on this page (CMS, web server, frameworks, etc.).
This area displays the icons of technologies that have been detected on the browsed page. As a consequence, dedicated categories can appear in our best practices and tips list, if we have related best practices.

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