Custom Dashboards

The Dareboost dashboard has been designed to provide key information about your page and user journey monitoring. However, to take advantage of your monitoring data and build-up a reporting, you can enrich your interface with Custom Dashboards.

Custom dashboards are a great way to add an extra level of information to your Dareboost account by providing an overview of your data for your entire account, a particular project or a particular website.

Custom dashboards are based on widgets, for which you can configure both the data sources and the time interval to use. Data displayed by custom dashboard widgets are available in real time on your Dareboost account.

Of course, the order and position of your widgets in your dashboards are also configurable.

Custom Dashboards can be exported as PDF files at any time. You can also configure daily, weekly or monthly digests to be sent automatically at the time of your choice.

Custom dashboards

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