Time Range and Landmark Date

Each widget is configured to display the data for a given period of time, whether it is fixed or sliding relative to the landmark date:

  • Fixed Time Periods:
    • Current month (eg: September’s data if landmark date is set to 18th Sept.)
    • Previous month (eg: August’s data if landmark date is set to 18th Sept.)
  • Sliding Time Periods
    • Last 365 days
    • Last 180 days
    • Last 90 days
    • Last 30 days (or previous last 30 days)
    • Last 7 days (or previous last 7 days)
    • Last 24 hours (or previous last 24 hours)
    • Last hour (or previous hour)

The Landmark Date is set globally for your dashboard. By default, it is set to the current date but you can change it at any time thanks to a date picker (available at the top of the page).

All the widgets will be updated according to their time period and the new Landmark Date. As an example, a widget displaying the last 7 days of data, with a Landmark Date set to August 20th will result in displaying the data from August 14th to August 20th.

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