Graph (Monitoring Group)


Displays on a graph the evolution of a given indicator for the monitored pages of a given group. Provides a summary value over the period (e.g., the average) for each page and for the whole group.


Widget Graph monitoring group

Specific configuration

  • Time period: see "Time Range and Landmark Date"
  • Data source: the existing group of monitored pages of your choice
  • Computation method: average, percentile, median.
  • Aggregation level: none, hourly or daily

Supported indicators (first or second view)

  • Standard Timings: First Byte, Start Render, Speed Index, Visually Complete, Fully Loaded
  • Advanced timings: HTML responseEnd (last byte), DOM Loading, DOM Interactive, DOM Content Loaded Event Start, DOM Content Loaded Event End, DOM Complete, Load Event Start, Load Event End, First Contentful Paint, Time to (Consistently) Interactive
  • Custom Timings
  • Additional indicators: Page Weight (total or for a resource type), Number of requests (total or for a resource type), Dareboost Quality Score

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