Graph (One Page)


Displays on a graph the evolution of one or several given indicators for a single monitored page. Provides a summary value over the period (e.g., the average) for each indicator.


Widget Graph one page

Specific configuration

  • The time period: see "Time Range and Landmark Date"
  • The targeted monitored page: existing page monitoring of your choice. If this monitoring has the Repeated View option, you can use this widget on either the first or second view data.
  • The computation method: average, percentile, median.
  • The aggregation level: none, hourly or daily

Supported indicators (first or second view)

All indicators must be expressed in the same unit (you cannot display both a weight and a time measurement).

  • Standard Timings: First Byte, Start Render, Speed Index, Visually Complete, Fully Loaded
  • Advanced timings: HTML responseEnd (last byte), DOM Loading, DOM Interactive, DOM Content Loaded Event Start, DOM Content Loaded Event End, DOM Complete, Load Event Start, Load Event End
  • Custom Timings
  • Additional indicators: Page Weight (total or for a resource type), Number of requests (total or for a resource type)

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