Tabular Page Indicators


Displays the averages of one or several indicators for one or several time-sliding periods for a group of monitored pages. Monitored pages defined as favorites are highlighted in the table. Tabular Page indicators widget can also display the indicators gathered during a Repeated View.


Widget tabular page indicators

The order can be defined alphabetically by page name (desc. or asc.) or by the columns being displayed.

Specific configuration

  • The targeted monitoring group: the existing group of monitored pages of your choice
  • The computation method: average, percentile, median.
  • The time period(s): one or several sliding time periods, see "Time Range and Landmark Date"

Supported indicators (first or repeated view)

  • Standard Timings: First Byte, Start Render, Speed Index, Visually Complete, Fully Loaded
  • Custom Timings
  • Additional indicators: Page Weight (total), Number of requests (total)

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