Tabular Indicators (User Journeys)


Displays the values and / or variations of one or several indicators for the targeted monitored User Journeys.
The widget can be used to report information for one or several time periods if necessary.


Widget Tabular Indicators (User Journeys) with variations
This widget displays the average values of 3 performance metrics (first byte and start of rendering and Speed Index) over the last 7 days, as well as the variations of the values compared to the previous 7 days.

Specific configuration

  • Data source(s): one of several User Journeys.
  • Time period(s): one or several sliding time periods, see “Time Range and Landmark Date”.
  • Aggregation method: average, median or percentiles (NB: medians and percentiles are only available if "Display steps" option is disabled)
  • Values, variations or both: Each cell of the table can display the value of a metric over the period or its variation compared to the previous sliding time period. It’s also possible to display both the value and the related variation.
  • Display steps: you can choose whether to display a line dedicated to each step, or only a line for the whole User Journey.

Supported indicators (first or repeated view)

  • Standard Timings: First Byte, Start Render, Speed Index, Visually Complete, Fully Loaded
  • Custom Timings
  • Additional indicators: Page Weight (total or for a resource type), Number of requests (total or for a resource type), Dareboost Quality Score

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