Discovering Dareboost Dashboard

Here is an overview of the Dashboard page on, as the control tower for all your activities on Dareboost…

discover dashboard

Clicking your username (#1), you will access to our account management system (to change your email address, your billing information, etc.).

#2 area is the Dareboost main menu, which appearance may vary according what kind of account/offer you have got. Here is the full list of the options you may find:

  • Analyze: direct access to our test form
  • Compare: direct access to our comparison forms
  • Dashboard: allow you to come back to your Dareboost dashboard, that becomes your Dareboost homepage while you are connected. This dashboard lets you access to the most current actions and visualize your latest data and your favorite monitorings.
  • Monitoring: direct access to your list of monitored pages (or your groups of monitored pages if you already created some)
  • Reports: direct access to all of your stored reports, as from your past standalone analyses as from your comparisons
  • Scenarios: direct access to the dashboard dedicated to your monitored user journeys.

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