About Multi-Account Option

Dareboost allows you to share access to your professional plan with your collaborators through a secondary account system and according different authorisation levels. You can manage these secondary accounts, as their related roles, directly from your profile pages.

No need to use our multi-account feature if you just intend to share one of your test reports. All of our reports are shareable by default: you just have to copy/paste the current URL shown in your browser's address bar (except if you have previously setted your report as private via our advanced settings).

As soon as you have created a secondary account, your collaborator will receive an email to confirm this account creation and initialize his/her own password. That done, his/her account will be fully operational!

multi accounts

While creating a secondary account, 2 authorization levels are available:

  1. Data visualizing & tests launching
  2. Data visualizing/editing & tests launching

Launching new tests and comparisons is allowed in any cases, as visualizing all the data within the account (monitoring).

With level 1, the secondary account user won't be able to edit any monitoring configurations, nor create new secondary accounts.

While all the data are shared between main and secondary accounts, you can still use a filter to hide the reports that have been generated by the other users.

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