Dareboost Quality Score

The Dareboost score transcribes the overall quality level of the tested web page in a matter of web performance, security, accessibility, SEO, etc.

You may already know similar tools computing scores from an audit of your web page. Do note that Dareboost has developed its very own analyzing engine.

This engine is based on the analysis of about a hundred quality checks for each tested web page. Those best practices are mostly related to web performance optimization, as the major part of web quality. But we also check best practices dealing with security, accessibility, search engine optimization, etc.

Each of those best practices is given a coefficient according its related stakes. We ensure to keep a pragmatical approach of web quality, also measuring the benefits of each best practice regarding the business impact it may bring.

The overall score is computed regarding all of the currently applied checks (their number may depend on the technologies that are used on the tested web page), scores for each of these best practices (some of them may only partly achieved) and their respective coefficient.

We are aiming at providing the widest coverage of all web quality aspects within 2 limitations though regarding the checks to be applied: no installation nor user-side configuration and non-intrusive tests.

Some of our quality checks may not be applied if an error occurs while testing: they are then disabled and won't be taken into account within score calculation.

At any time, Dareboost users as customers can send us their comments about any of our checks, directly from our reports. These hundreds of contributions from our community actually help us to provide, day after day, the most relevant best practices repository, always closer to our customers business issues.

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