Browse & analyse your groups of monitored pages

Reachable from your dashboard and all your monitoring detailed views, the dedicated pages to your groups of monitorings are very similar to the dedicated ones to single monitorings.

Each graph displays the selected metric data for each of the associated monitored page. Thanks to a drop-down menu, you can then move from one metric to another.

You can use the interactive legend to show/hide one or more monitoring within the graph.

As for the monitoring graphs, you can click any dot of the graphs, either to display the graph corresponding to an aggregation or to access a comparison report of the relevant executions of the monitoring.

browse data for a group of monitored pages

The last widget of the page displays requests resulting in HTTP error for monitored pages in the group. Errors are aggregated by URL and HTTP code, then sorted by the number of occurrences over the selected time range.

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