Create a group of monitored pages

Dareboost allows you to group up to 12 of your monitored pages and benefit from a overall view of your monitoring data, through graphs and tables. You can create as many groups as you want (one single monitoring can be added to several groups) to visualize and mine your data through various angles: competitive benchmarking, tracking on single web page performance regarding various browsing contexts, Grouping by website or project, etc.

group monitoring

On Dareboost, you can create a new group of monitored pages from:

  • Your dashboard
  • The list of your groups, if you have already configured one at least

To create a new group, you just have to give it an explicit name and then select the monitorings to be included among your list of monitored web pages.
We recommend you to use our filter to quickly retrieve the monitoring you are interested in.

As soon as the group is saved, data are immediately available. If you have created your very first group, you will then notice that the "Monitoring" action of your main menu now redirects you to the list of your groups (instead of the list of your monitored pages, that remains available of course!).

At any time, you can edit/delete any of your groups. Note that these changes have no impact on your current monitored pages and do not result in any loss of data.

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