HTML code and vocabulary

In the following example:

        <a href="page.html" class="myClass secondClass" id="myIdentifier">My link</a>
  • <a> is an html element composed of an opening <a> and closing </a> tag.
  • href, class and id are attributes of the element <a>.
  • “page.html” is the value of the attribute href.
  • <p> is a direct parent element of the <a> element.
  • <div> is an indirect parent element of the <a> element.

An HTML element can have one or more classes (in the class attribute, separated by spaces). Several different elements may have the same class or common classes.

An HTML element can have an identifier (the id attribute). An Identifier is unique, two elements cannot have the same identifier (in the field, this may happen but it is an error that can lead to edge effects). Duplicated identifiers will be indicated in our detailed analysis reports.

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