Alerts configuration

Performance budgets and compliance with your objectives

You can configure the alerts of a User Journey at the global level as well as at the step level. You can determine alert thresholds on 9 different metrics: the number of requests, page weight, HTTP errors on resources, Time To First Byte (TTFB), DomInteractive, Start Render, Visually Complete, Fully Loaded and Speed Index.

Configuring an alert is done in the same way as when configuring alerts for page monitoring, except that there are 2 different levels for User Journey's: step-specific alerts or global alerts (the thresholds are then applied to the cumulative values).

To create or modify global alerts, use the "Actions" menu from one of the screens of your scenario (viewing, editing the scenario or editing a step). The alert will be triggered if the cumulative value (sum of the values of the steps) exceeds the threshold set for the given metric.

You can access alert management for a given step in several ways:

  • From the scenario edition, in the list of steps, by clicking on "create an alert" or the name of the metric on which an alert threshold is already setup
  • From the step edition, in the "Actions" menu
  • From a detailed report of a step execution, also using the “Actions” menu

Alert in case of an error during a control or scenario interruption

You can configure an alert regarding the execution of the scenario from the User Journey scenario modification page ("Actions" > "Modify scenario"). The recipients you specify will then receive an email alert when User Journey no is longer executed successfully (e. g. error on an interaction) and/or in case of an error during a control (e. g. an element in the page is missing or does not have the expected value).

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