Manual run and monitoring of a User Journey

You can manually launch an existing scenario, using the "Actions" menu, then "Execute now". The execution will be done in the background. A modal window will appear when the execution is finished, proposing you to access the results or to stay on the current page.

Manually triggered executions are available from the list of execution reports but also directly on the graphs displaying your User Journey data, together with the automated executions coming from the monitoring.

You will probably need to trigger executions that cause errors during the creation or maintenance phases of your courses. Feel free to delete these executions from the list of execution reports.

If you have some API credits, you can also trigger the execution of a scenario through an API call. The triggered executions will appear in the same way as manual executions.

You can activate an automated monitoring of your User Journey from the same "Actions" menu, via the "Configure Monitoring" action. You will then be asked to configure the scheduling and frequency of your User Journey monitoring. For a previously monitored User Journey, an "Enable Monitoring" action will be directly available to immediately trigger monitoring using the existing setup.

You can disable a running monitor at any time via the "Actions" menu, then "Disable monitoring".

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