Create or modify a User Journey Scenario

There are several ways to create a User Journey scenario:

  • From the list of your scenarios ("Scenarios" in your menu), by clicking on the button "Create a scenario"
  • From an existing scenario, using the menu "Actions", then "Duplicate scenario"

A form then asks you for the name of the scenario, which will be used in our interface as well as in our various emails. This name will also be used to find your scenario through our search feature: feel free to be specific, especially if you expect to have many scenarios on your account.

Create or modify a User Journey Scenario

You then have to configure your test, with exactly the same basic and advanced options as our performance tests.

To modify a User Journey scenario, in the "Actions" menu, choose "Modify scenario" from the list of User Journey ("Scenarios" in your menu) or from the results of a User Journey.

You will then be able to modify the scenario configuration, the order of the steps, and add a step.

Scenario step list

A scenario may contain a callback step. The callback step is optional and is always performed at the end of the run (even if an error has been encountered in the previous steps). Like the "technical" steps – see "Create or modifying a User Journey step" – the callback step does not display the results of the path.

You can also configure Dareboost's behavior when your scenario is interrupted: either Dareboost will continue to perform the steps following the error, or it will stop. You can set up an interruption alert.

At the very end of this modification page, you can delete the scenario. Warning: any deletion is final. The collected data will be deleted: you will no longer be able to view the results of the executions of yo-ur User Journey.

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