Web Performance Test Locations

Dareboost allows you to test your website from your user's location. Indeed, this location brings huge consequences on your web performance, as experienced by your visitors (read our blog post dedicated to the latency's impacts).

Selecting one location may also modify the default bandwidth for your test, as Dareboost automatically adapts this bandwidth to the average connectivity conditions of each country.

Your selected location may also change the default language applied by the browser, and, as a consequence the web page to be displayed (if this page has a language detection mechanism).

test probes locations

By now, the Dareboost test probes are widespread on 13 locations across the world. There you will find the list of the available locations, as their IP Address and related domains (if your website access is limited).

If you need any location that is not included yet in our list, we can set up private test probes for you. Contact us for more information.

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