Time To (Consistently) Interactive - TTI

Collected from: GoogleChromeLabs polyfill (waiting for native browser implementation)

Time To Interactive (as proposed by Google) is a complex indicator. Contrary to what its name might suggest, Time to Interactive is not the time when a page becomes interactive. Time to Interactive is when the page is durably interactive without any doubt. To remove this ambiguity, we have named this indicator Time To Consistently Interactive on Dareboost.

The TTI algorithm is not trivial, it is based on both JavaScript and network activity analysis. It determines the moment from which a user interaction with the page can take place without any risk about the fluidity of the reaction (no "jank", no perceptible delay between the action and the related reaction).

Time To Interactive is closely related to LongTasks (any JavaScript execution longer than 50ms) to determine if the page can be considered interactive or not. TTI is therefore very sensitive to CPU capacities and threshold effects. Increasing JavaScript processing by only a few milliseconds can potentially slow down the TTI by several seconds.

To make sure to properly use the TTI, we recommend that you deeply understand how it works. You can read our blog post: TTI: Time To (consistently) Interactive to measure page interactivity for further details. When analyzing TTI results, do not hesitate to use the Total Blocking Time as well to improve your understanding of the value.

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