Disable Animations

Your web pages may contain animated media, like automated carousels. Those elements are likely to tamper some Dareboost measures as Speed Index and Visually Complete. In fact, those 2 indicators are computed from a video analysis of the web page loading. As a consequence, they rely on the display constancy and are very sensitive to animations.

Here is an example:

video animation

This filmstrip shows that the web page is fully displayed since the first thumbnail. There won't be any change except the featured image within an automated carousel. However, the "visually complete" stage (100%) is only achieved at the last thumbnail… The Speed Index is impacted in the same way.

That measure is not relevant in a matter of User Experience so (while using automated sliders is not recommended, considering that the current web page is not completely loaded till 5 seconds is too pessimistic).

To improve your test results, Dareboost offers 2 options to deactivate 2 types of animations.

disable animation

SetTimeout() and SetInterval() are 2 JavaScript functions that are often used to program the triggering of an execution, within carousels as an example.
Be careful though: deactivating those functions may impact some other behaviours on your website. You should look at the changes (with/without this option) within the filmstrip and the number of requests of your tested web page.

The second option allows you to deactivate all of the animations related to CSS3 usage.

Please note that Dareboost does not allow you to deactivate autoplay videos nor animated gif for the moment. Do not hesitate to contact us for this kind of needs.

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