Blocklist/Allowlist for HTTP Requests

Thanks to this powerful feature, you will be able to measure the performance of any web page while blocking one - to many - of its resources.

Blocklist feature can be used on various and numerous purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • Ignore a resource that may tamper the overall loading time of your web page,
  • Compare one single page's performances with or without social widgets (facebook, etc.) or any other specific resource,
  • Measure your web page performances while excluding all of the external resources to focus on those hosted on your own domain.
block resource with blocklist

2 fields (Blocklist & Allowlist) are available in our advanced settings area. Each of them can be filled with several values (one per line).

  • In the blocklist field: type in the resources name you'd like to block specifically. All the requests containing the typed character strings will then be blocked. For example: enter "" to block the Facebook widgets.
  • In the allowlist field: there you can define the only requests to authorize, excluding all the other ones. Example : if you want to test your website excluding all of the external resources, then just enter "" in this field.

For advanced needs, you can use regular expressions within these 2 fields. Here are a few useful tips:

  • ".": any character (not optional)
  • ".*": any character, 0, 1 or many times
  • [a-z]: indicates a class, here the letters a through z

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