DNS Mapping & Failure Simulating

While running its web performance tests, Dareboost requests by default the Google DNS server in order to get back the related IP address of the website's domain (DNS resolution). Our DNS mapping option allows you to enforce the DNS resolution to a different IP address than the DNS server response.

This feature may be quite useful within various cases as:

  • Enforcing the Dareboost test to use a specific server within your complex infrastructure,
  • Benchmarking the web performances of several CDN providers,
  • Simulating a failure of a third-party service or a corrupted DNS server and then anticipate the consequences for your website usability.

To benefit from our DNS Mapping tool, open the proper tab in our advanced settings area and simply use the dedicated field.

dns mapping

As explained in the dedicated tab, you just have to type in one mapping per line, separating the source from the destination by a space. As an example, to redirect "domain.net" to "dest-domain.com", enter:
"domain.net dest-domain.com"

In order to simulate a failure of a third-party service provider, we recommend you to map the provider's domain on blackhole.webpagetest.org

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