Set cookies for your performance tests

Cookies allow website owners to store a piece of information on their visitors browser. Setting up cookies for your web performance tests may be useful:

  • to determine user's profile (e.g.: favorite store)
  • to enforce the version to test while using an A/B testing service
  • to simulate a session via a test login
  • etc.

Once stored on the browser, the cookie is sent within the next HTTP requests to the server. Nevertheless, it's not necessary sent within all requests. You can specify a specific domain and path on which it's applied.

To use the related Dareboost feature, open the Cookies tab within our advanced settings:

4 fields are available to set up your cookie:

  • it's name (required)
  • it's value (optional)
  • the applying domain (optional, the page’s domain will be used by default)
  • the applying path (optional, default value : "/")
    Example: /en
set cookies

On the screenshot example displayed above, the cookieName=cookieValue cookie will be sent via a Cookie HTTP header, for all requests to with a path starting with /en.

For a cookie to be sent on a domain as well as on its sub-domains, it's requiered to add a point . as a prefix. For exemple, having a cookie with as a Domain value will allow to send the cookie for requests on, or again on

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