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HTTP/2 Ready: 89%
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You should use a secured connection (HTTPS)

HTTPS guarantees the confidentiality and security of communications over the internet: data is encrypted, so protected against attacks and data corruption.

Google announced its wish to see every website using a HTTPS connection. So, the company added this criterion in its ranking algorithms. Click and see the announce of Google about it.

Setting up HTTPS on a website sometimes causes some reservations (cost, impacts on performance...). But these limitations are less true today, and the generalization of HTTPS seems inevitable.

How to set up the HTTPS protocol

You have to set up a certificate you got from a reliable certification authority. Learn more by contacting your website host who can help you getting this certificate. Besides, the following page help you in your migration procedure to the HTTPS protocol.

Free certificate? Let's Encrypt!

You can deliver a secured connection for free thanks to Let's Encrypt, a Certification Authority delivering free certificates.

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Several <title> tags detected

The page should define a unique title (using a <title> tag).

Use of titles by search engines

Once properly configured, the page title can be displayed in the search engine results page:

Using a suitable title is a major criterion for SEO. It allows you to control at best what is displayed in search results pages, and determine the keywords you want your site pops out.

How to define the title of a web page?

The title of the page is specified into the <title> tag, which must be placed into the <head> tag, at the beginning of the code.

What is the problem on this page?

2 title tags have been detected. Keep only one title.


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The Content Security Policy is missing

It is critical to restrict the origin of the contents of your webpage to protect your website from cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).

XSS attacks explained

An XSS attack aims to inject content into a page.

You can protect your pages against these attacks by implementing a content security policy that tells the web browser which servers are allowed to deliver resources on each page. If the browser makes a request to an unauthorized server, it must inform the user.

How can I prevent an XSS attack?

Set up a "Content-Security-Policy" (CSP) HTTP header. To specify a security policy on the source of your resources, configure your server so the response of the first resource contains the "Content-Security-Policy" HTTP header.

Here's an example:

Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'self' https://apis.google.com

In this case, the page loads correctly provided that all the scripts come from the current host or https://apis.google.com.

Read more about the CSP HTTP header. You can also look at the CSP directives.

Please, be careful, if the header is misconfigured, some of your content, scripts, or styles may be blocked. That could cause unwanted side effects. Moreover, the restrictions apply to all pages of the website. We recommend you test the different pages of your website before deploying this header in your production environment.

No Content Security Policy on this page: it is more easily exposed to XSS attacks.

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Browser rendering 


Defer parsing of JavaScript

JavaScript can significantly slow down a page display, especially if it is necessary to download an external script.

Defer the use of JavaScript as much as possible to provide a faster start for the page display.

How can I fix this?

Use one of the methods below to defer parsing for external JavaScript files:

  • use the async attribute;
  • use the defer attribute;
  • append the script to the DOM in JavaScript during the onload event;
  • make sure your scripts are placed at the bottom of the page (ideally at the end of the body).

3.3KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.

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Add alt attribute on <img> tags

Moreover, the alt attribute is also an important criterion for SEO. Indeed, search engines crawlers cannot parse graphic contents. That is why they use the alternative text to return consistent results, like in Google images.

<img src="product.jpg" alt="My product description"/>

The alt attribute is used in several cases unrelated to SEO:

  • When a screen reader is in use for accessibility purposes;
  • While image is loading, particularly for slow connections;
  • When the image file is not found.

You have 21 img tags, but the following tag does not define the alt attribute:

  • <img class='image' src='https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yv8_x1Mr0vM/WWwbs-pSloI/AAAAAAAAA3Y/77jJtUd3h5YL5Jgz5lleXlrW0twZkkiVQCLcBGAs/s320/sakuratoto1.jpg'/>

Warning, you should also note that 11 of your images contain an alt attribute, but they are empty:

  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yv8_x1Mr0vM/WWwbs-pSloI/AAAAAAAAA3Y/77jJtUd3h5YL5Jgz5lleXlrW0twZkkiVQCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/sakuratoto1.jpg'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CmJbFXwO-j4/WWtCaR_7MrI/AAAAAAAAA0Y/SB8XfvWmsjcmHOzyhXc6rJohwKvNF6VXgCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/pasangnomor2.png'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Vv5XbvqAFII/WYFPASdjRAI/AAAAAAAAA4Y/8NZzJKC23CsHZM8HRqYSRwm0SASw50KmgCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/istanaimpian3.png'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-82ze8Sj6hnM/WYC7vRGpAlI/AAAAAAAAA4M/wrMUIZMC6MsiBgYHgZbDdRmZkgdxvmSQgCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/shiokuda.jpg'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-35BpQJc03N8/WZBCU-jmxJI/AAAAAAAAA6g/a2zKSl2CFuMbatigXtI0MDvC5kLiVeQQQCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/lexuspoker.jpg'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0v1gyqU9Nb0/WZxeDD37CkI/AAAAAAAAA68/SsvTSSGaasgiCVTX1zdmtEhSwqNi764vgCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/pokersejati-gbr1.jpg'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wJvCUtdLQdE/WYCsRM1ysFI/AAAAAAAAA3w/T0q-NT71Rjk3TnPJn0eWADipF_zWJsU0wCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/wahanatoto2.png'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-kUJEoWst-WQ/WYFZNYMDwlI/AAAAAAAAA48/aoXOThq503UDF-b7dqFIJKERFvmpkoiDQCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/superjitu.jpg'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OMrpruSw9vQ/WYFecMxUzTI/AAAAAAAAA5M/QeYOHGD1q8Y4Nhs3tlEdnis5eAoggWFmQCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/pasarantogel.png'/>
  • <img alt='' border='0' src='https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UHMY8HKBluU/WYFTQRcTZCI/AAAAAAAAA4k/KfonwtmeN08FSejva8J4XwmcC0JumOUagCLcBGAs/w72-h72-p-k-no-nu/gitartogel.gif'/>
  • <img alt='' height='18' src='https://resources.blogblog.com/img/icon18_wrench_allbkg.png' width='18'/>

If nothing seems appropriate for describing an image, you might set an empty text. We advise you to make sure the majority of your images define a relevant text. Read the W3C recommendations here.

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This page is exposed to "clickjacking" type attacks

Keep malicious people from integrating your pages into their websites.

Clickjacking explained

This kind of attack happens when your page gets integrated with a malicious website via <frame> or <iframe> tags. By doing this, attackers can persuade users that they are on your own page when they are not. The unsuspecting user may enter personal information that is visible on and thus vulnerable to the malicious website.

To avoid this, always indicate which domains have permission to integrate your pages.

How to prevent clickjacking?

Configure a "X-Frame-Options" HTTP header. Configure your server so the main resource response includes the "X-Frame-Options" HTTP header.

Three values may be defined:

  • DENY to prevent any frame or iframe from integrating the page;
  • SAMEORIGIN to authorize only frames from the same domain name;
  • ALLOW-FROM uri to indicate the domains allowed to integrate a page into frame (however is not compatible with some browsers)

  • The "X-Frame-Options" HTTP header is not configured on this page; you are more likely to be exposed to clickjacking.

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    Did you know?


    Do "target=_blank" links introduce a security leak on this page?

    Using the target=_blank attribute is rarely recommended. Nevertheless, if you need to use this attribute, note that a security leak could cause harm to your visitors, particularly if your site is open to visitor contributions.

    It allows the targeted page to manipulate the window.opener.location property, and thus to perform a redirect within the parent tab. When the user gets back to the parent tab, he can be facing a malicious website (phishing, etc).

    We recommend you to add the rel=noreferrer attribute when using a target = _blank to an external website. This will block access to "window.opener".
    If your website allows users to publish contributive content (eg comments, customer reviews, etc.), be sure to automate the addition of this protection. Otherwise, a user could easily exploit this breach.

    The following links may be exposed to this vulnerability:

    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/07/sakuratoto-1-situs-togel-terpercaya.html" target="_blank" title="SAKURATOTO 1 Situs togel terpercaya">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://2.bp.blogs...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/07/pasangnomor-2-bandar-togel-aman.html" target="_blank" title="PASANGNOMOR 2 Bandar togel aman terpercaya">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://1.bp.bl...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/istanaimpian3-best-bandar-togel-online.html" target="_blank" title="ISTANAIMPIAN3 Best bandar togel online">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://3.bp...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/shiokuda-togel-online-diskon-terbesar.html" target="_blank" title="SHIOKUDA Togel online diskon terbesar">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://1.bp.b...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/lexuspoker-bandar-poker-online.html" target="_blank" title="LEXUSPOKER Bandar poker online terpercaya">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://4.bp.blog...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/pokersejati-agen-judi-poker-terbesar.html" target="_blank" title="POKERSEJATI Agen judi poker terbesar">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://4.bp.blo...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/wahanatoto2-bandar-togel-terbaik.html" target="_blank" title="WAHANATOTO2 Bandar togel terbaik">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://2.bp.blogspot.co...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/superjitu-situs-togel-sgp-hk-sd.html" target="_blank" title="SUPERJITU Situs togel SGP HK SD">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://3.bp.blogspot.com/...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/pasarantogel-bandar-togel-pasaran.html" target="_blank" title="PASARANTOGEL Bandar togel pasaran terpopuler">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://4.b...
    • <a href="http://www.togelonlineterbaru.com/2017/08/gitartogel-judi-togel-live-online.html" target="_blank" title="GITARTOGEL Judi togel live online terpercaya">
      <img alt="" border="0" src="https://1.b...
    • <a href="https://www.blogger.com/" target="_blank">Blogger</a>
    • <a href="http://www.untungmenang.com" onclick="this.href = 'http://www.untungmenang.com/home/register/294785558067'" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="WWW.PASANGNOMOR1.COM"><img alt="pasangnomor1"...
    • <a href="http://www.mimpiangka.com" onclick="this.href = 'http://www.mimpiangka.com/home/register/209126064'" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="WWW.KODEALAM2.COM"><img alt="kodealam2" src="https:/...

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    Data amount 

    1 domain sends 54 bytes of cookies

    HTTP cookies are used to track a user to costumize the page according to their profile. They are sent as a HTTP header from the web server to the browser. Then, each time the browser accesses to the server, it sends a request containing the cookie received at the first response. See more information.

    Here, 1 domain sends 54 bytes of cookies:

    Domain name: togelonlineterbaru
    • _ga: 27 bytes distributed on 1 request(s)
    • _gid: 26 bytes distributed on 1 request(s)
    • _gat_blogger: 1 bytes distributed on 1 request(s)

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    1 cookie is not secured

    A cookie sent from the server to a web browser via the HTTPs protocol should only transit on a secure connection (except for some specific cases).

    HTTP cookies

    HTTP cookies are set by the server to the web browser via the Set-Cookie HTTP header. Then, the browser transmits the cookies to the server for the next requests by using the Cookie HTTP header. When the server uses a secure connection (HTTPs), the cookie probably contains some sensitive data: you have to garantee that the cookie cannot be exploited on an insecure connection.

    The Secure directive

    By adding the Secure instruction in the Set-Cookie HTTP header, the server informs the browser that it is allowed to transmit the cookie over secure connection only. Read this blog post to learn more.

    Caution: Ensure that the HTTP to HTTPS redirect is activated on your website. Otherwise, the Secure cookie may not be sent on HTTP request.

    The following Cookies are not secure:


    • set-cookie: NID=119=mB5v306QKAlZrw4fcwAU67i2ct1v3PghQM2WCh6CA-JgCUjp_hLqeuejGKP9dqfUSGxZy-Ox0GVImCjfcYVVLkYis1p10rbT2NQdY8lrtbRSzvjh7RJUXAC_I0TQ33Zv;Domain=.google.com;Path=/;Expires=Fri, 22-Jun-2018 04:24:15 GMT;HttpOnly

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    Data amount 

    This page does not load too much data (0,66 MB)

    A too high page weight slows down the display, especially on low speed connections. This can lead to frustration for users paying for data (see whatdoesmysitecost.com).

    Evaluate the Weight of my Web Page

    In February 2016, the average weight of 100 most visited websites in the world was 1,38MB.

    How to reduce the weight of my page?

    You can report to our "Data amount" category to discover the possible optimizations in your case. Images are often involved.
    Moreover, make sure to build your web pages in order to load data that is essential to the user experience (rendering optimization of the critical path).
    For other contents (social networking plugins, advertising, content at the bottom of the page ...), it is better to delay the loading (asynchronous, lazy-loading ...), so they don't override priority contents.

    We strongly recommend that you define performance budgets before you carry out your web projects. These budgets can be settled through the DareBoost monitoring feature.

    We have established the weight distribution of the page by resource type:

    • Images : 71,60% of total weight
    • JavaScript : 24,01% of total weight
    • Texts : 2,79% of total weight
    • CSS : 1,59% of total weight

    Here is the weight of the 10 heaviest resources over the network, and that are necessary to load the page:

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    Do all third parties resources deliver the right content?

    This page loads data from third parties, you should ensure their integrity.

    SubResource Integrity (SRI)

    Use SRI to ensure that a third party resource has not been tampered. Add the integrity attribute to <script> and <link> tags loading this kind of resource. Example:

    <script src="https://exemple.com/exemple-framework.js"

    The integrity attribute value is equal to the base64-encoded hash (SHA) of the resource. The browser compares this hash with the downloaded content in order to determine if the resource matches the expected content.

    You can create the SHA thanks to several tool. In command line, you can use openssl. You can also test some online tools, as srihash.org or report-uri.io. Learn more about SubResource Integrity.

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    Well done, these best practices are respected



    CSS properties are not duplicated

    Using several times the same property within a same CSS rule can affect the readability of the CSS. It is also an optimization opportunity: by removing duplicated properties, you will reduce the file size.

    CSS properties

    The CSS properties allow to apply a style to a set of elements. It is unnecessary to define 2 times the same property with the same value in a same rule.

    How to improve it?

    Remove one occurrence of the duplicated property. For example, the following properties:

    .myClass {
    margin: 10px;
    margin: 10px;

    Should be replaced by:

    .myClass {
    margin: 10px;

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    This page defines <h1> and <h2> tags

    We recommend putting page keywords in at least the h1 and h2 tags. Search engines use the h1, h2, and h3 tags for SEO purposes.
    This page contains:

    • 1 <h1> element(s)
    • 4 <h2> element(s)
    • 8 <h3> element(s)

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    <noscript> tag detected

    This page uses noscript tag. It allows to display a message when JavaScript is disabled by the user.

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    You have defined a <meta> 'description'

    The page should define a unique description.

    Description in search engines

    The description of the page may be directly displayed in search engine results pages (SERP):

    It allows you to control at best the entry preview in search engines, and to improve the click rate to your page. Learn more.

    How to define a page's description?

    Use <meta name="description" content="page description"> and place it in the <head> tag.

    This page defines one <meta> description:

    Daftar info situs togel terpercaya agen judi poker terbaik bandar taruhan bola terbesar bursa data result pengeluaran paito togel terbaru

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    This page uses only standard image formats

    The images that use a non-standard format may not be indexed by search engines.

    Only these image formats are considered standard on the web: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, svg, ico, webp. You should consider an alternative to any other format.

    Moreover, remember to treat the text around your images: some search engines analyze approximately the 10 words preceding and following the image in order to add a context to the image.

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    No frameset, frame and noframes tags detected

    These tags are obsolete, due to several issues related to the navigation consistency, SEO or browsers' bookmark features for example.

    None of these tags is detected on this page.

    The use of the iframe tag is prefered.

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