Mobile test: measure the speed

Having a mobile website is unavoidable today. And it should be fast. Our tool test the speed of your pages taking into account different constraints (speed, latency, etc.).

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Why test your mobile website?

test mobile speed

Mobile browsing involves bandwidths, screen resolutions, or latencies very different from a desktop web browsing. Whether you use a Responsive Web Design or dedicated mobile website, your website is different on mobile. It is therefore essential to test the performance on mobile devices.

The main features of the mobile test

Dareboost allows you to test your mobile or responsive websites by simulating a mobile user with specific features: the web browser is configured correctly (by changing the user agent, the screen resolution) and network boundaries are simulated (latency increases, 3G bandwidth).

You will find in all our test reports some results related to the user experience, and dozens of best practices, including many mobile-specific tips: using a viewport, don't use Flash, etc.

  • Real Browser Testing
  • Advanced settings:bandwidth, latency, etc.
  • Comparison with the Desktop version
  • Tips dedicated to mobile best practices