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Business Metrics

  • Bounce Rate [click to tweet]

    A website that loads in more than 5 seconds has a bounce rate twice as high as a website that loads in 1 second.1
  • Conversion Rate [click to tweet]

    Only 1 more second in loading time can cost up to 7% of the conversion rate.2
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate [click to tweet]

    20% of users abandon their cart because of a long loading time. About 67% of online shoppers quote slow loading times as the top reason they'd abandon a purchase.3 4
  • Shopping Cart [click to tweet]

    A website that halved its loading time sees its shopping cart increasing by 11%.
  • Advertising revenues [click to tweet]

    Bing reported that an extra 2 seconds in displaying search results decreased advertising revenues by 4.3%.5
Performance impacts your business

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve your ranking in search engines
  • Penalization [click to tweet]

    In 2010, 1% of websites were penalized for slow loading time.
  • Google's Red Slow Label [click to tweet]

    Since 2010, websites have been considered to be fast when they load in less than 1.5 seconds. Today, Google is experimenting with the use of a Red Slow Label, which alerts the web users of slow website in the search results.6
  • Ranking [click to tweet]

    The first result in Google has a loading time 30% faster than the 50th one.7

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User Experience

  • Demand [click to tweet]

    67% of users demand that a page must be loaded within 4 seconds.8
  • Loyalty [click to tweet]

    60% of web users leave a website and move to a competitor's when the loading time is above 5 seconds. 88% of web users won't come back if they assume the website to be too slow.9 10
  • Mobility [click to tweet]

    85% of web users expect a loading time to be equally fast whether on a mobile device or on a classic website.11
  • Security perception [click to tweet]

    71% of web users have less confidence in a brand if its website is too slow.12
  • Social networks [click to tweet]

    77% of users experiencing issues during their transaction will complain about it to their friends and colleagues.13
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Cost reductions

Reduce your costs
  • Adwords [click to tweet]

    The cost of a campaign is impacted by the loading time of the targeted page since Google uses the loading time in the calculation of the quality score.14
  • Hosting/Infrastructure [click to tweet]

    Shopzilla halved its infrastructure costs by reducing the average loading time of its pages by 5 seconds.15

Does web performance impact your costs?

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