Why compare the performance of two pages?

website comparison analysis

According to Steven Seow's 20% rule, if the difference between two loading times is greater than 20%, then it will be highly noticeable by visitors. You need to be at least 20% faster than your competitors!

Web performance comparison features

With our performance comparison tool, you get a full report in just a few seconds.
You can export as these reports as a PDF (white label option available). Download a sample.

The comparison enables you to focus on the major loading steps of the pages (server response time, display start, end of loading, etc.), and to visualize these differences with the video and filmstrip features.

  • Competitive benchmark
  • Desktop vs Mobile
  • HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2
  • Browser Cache Test
  • Compare 2 versions of a web page
  • White labelled PDF

Compare two pages