Web Performance Anomaly Detection with Dareboost

A too heavy image added, a widget that is not responding, or an update that slows your pages: our service detects it, alerts you and brings help to fix it

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Effective monitoring with email alerts

quality and web performance email alerts

Every day, our service tests and analyzes the pages you decided to monitor. You can, for each page, set custom alert thresholds among a dozen of different criteria: speedindex, server response time, or the page's weight for example.

With the alert mechanisms on the performance and quality of web pages, you will no more miss any major error, so you’ll avoid a potential loss of income.

Web performance alerting system: main features

Each alert sent by email provides an access to a comparison report, allowing you to identify at a glance the detected regressions, but also to replay the video of the page loading to view the impacts on the page render.

If one of your goals set is not fulfill during a test, Dareboost will launch a new test to confirm the issue before alerting you. That mechanism avoids alerts related to insignificant temporary phenomena.

Feel free to monitor your competitors to be informed as soon as they will be faster!

  • Over 10 criteria available
  • Choose a recipient address for each alert
  • Full report available
  • Root causes analysis