Why monitor your web pages with Dareboost?

It’s easy to make a mistake that can affect your speed when adding new content or features to your website. An over heavy picture added to your home page, a CMS configuration problem, a service provider issue (CDN, ads, etc.): these can all affect the performance of your pages and lead to a loss of income.

Dareboost is the first tool to combine both web quality and performance monitoring: if a regression or slowdown occurs, our tool will identify the root of the problem and provide you with the best method to put it right.

Web Performance and Quality Monitoring: main features

Set your quality and performance budgets at a glance!

See significant changes from your dashboard or via a weekly email.

Browse data to identify trends, find anomalies, and consult at any time a detailed report by clicking a point on the graph.

Follow the technical performance indicators provided by our reports, such as those concerning the user experience. You can also check your competitors!

Are your performance thresholds fulfilled? An email alert is sent when a problem occurs! It then gives you access to a link including a comparison before/after the alert, to quickly detect problems.

This comparison allows you to quickly see changes, but also check if a best practice is no longer fulfilled.

Finally, you can group several monitored pages and analyze data in a flash. Monitor your competitors, group pages by projects, track the speed of a page from different locations: all uses are enabled!

Testimonial from an E-commerce Leader

Testimonial from an E-commerce Leader:

We use Dareboost for every update to our e-commerce website to ensure an optimal quality. On many times, their audits have allowed us to detect major errors that, otherwise, we would not have spotted for several weeks!

Jerôme Tré-Hardy - Cofounder at Maplatine.com

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