Why you should test and measure your website speed?

mobile website analysis

The loading time of a website is of major importance: it impacts heavily on the conversion rate and on your brand’s perception. By testing and measuring your website's performance with Dareboost, you get a reliable reference point to improve your pages by following our performance optimization tips.

DareBoost's performance test reports integrate data which is related to the user experience; such as the delay before the start of the display of the page or the speed index. They also provide expert technical information.

Main features of the performance test

Our online service simulates a user on your web page, using a mainstream web browser. The simulation can create very specific contexts, which is achieved by enabling you to set your own parameters: bandwidth, latency, location, etc.

Our performance reports present a full set of results. A video of the visit is analyzed to determine the highlights of the user experience and technical experts are provided with a range of technical indicators to allow a precise diagnostic of the page loading.

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