Optimize your frameworks and CMS usage

Make sure that your website operates at its best by following the recommended best practices for the technologies use.

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Why optimize the use of a CMS or framework?

Tools like CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc) or libraries (jQuery, Google Analytics, etc.) are essential for contemporary websites. However, their default settings can be improved and their misuse can be catastrophic for website performance.

That's why Dareboost is unique: our best practices are tailored to the technologies detected on your pages; helping you to determine how to use and configure them best for your specific website.

cms, frameworks and web servers tips

Samples of tailor made best practices

  • Configure the Expires header with Apache
  • Images optimization plugins (WordPress)
  • Configure the www redirect with nginx
  • jQuery : Avoid to manipulate the DOM in loop

We perform a permanent monitoring in order to give you the latest tips for each technology used by your website, and advise you on the most efficient way to use libraries.