Check and Improve your Website's Compatibility

Classical or mobile navigation? Ensure the proper display of your pages, whatever the web browser or the device used by your visitors

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Why should you audit your website compatibility?

bonnes pratiques de compatibilité

Visitors use different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) with a wide range of versions. Screen resolutions or operating systems are also parameters that can widely vary among your users.

By using standard technologies and implementing fallbacks when using features with limited support you can make sure technical problems do not cut you off from large sections of your market.

Our best practices' samples

  • No frameset, frame and noframes tags detected
  • Define a “viewport” meta tag (mobile analysis)
  • No Flash resource detected
  • Your characters are encoded in UTF-8

We perform a continuous technology watch in order to follow the development of web browsers and their specificities; this enables our compatibility best practices to be continually updated over time.