Check and Improve your Website's Security

Strengthen the protection of your web pages and limit the risks related to attacks by following our recommendations

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Why should you audit your web pages security?

XSS attacks, clickjacking, calls to malicious scripts... There are so many vulnerabilities that it is now essential to ensure secure browsing for your users.

Failure to secure your website can expose you and your users to fraud, theft and other financial risks. By following our recommendations, you will use the latest features provided by web browsers to protect users.

bonnes pratiques de securité

Some of our web security checkpoints

  • Origin of resources are controled (CSP)
  • No mixed content for HTTPS websites
  • Sandbox attribute defined on iframes
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect

For each security best practices, you are provided with a detailed guide on how to improve your website's configuration.

New checkpoints are regularly added to our audit, thanks to the continuous technology watch undertaken by our team!