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Do your web pages meet the latest SEO best practices? Answer this question in seconds with our audits and follow our guidelines to solve the issues

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Why should you analyze on-page SEO?

seo best practices

Your content is not the only matter to focus on in order to increase your visibility within search engines! Following SEO technical best practices will ensure crawlers, like Google bots, have a better understanding of your web pages.

Dareboost automatically analyzes your pages to check that the latest optimizations are in place whilst helping you to improve your technical SEO!

Some of our SEO checkpoints

  • The page specifies a title(<title> tag)
  • The hierarchy of h1, h2, … titles is correct
  • The robot.txt is defined
  • All images define an alternative text

Any error detected with our web quality audits is detailed and a guide is provided to help you solve the problem efficiently.

Our continuous technology watch ensures you follow the latest SEO recommendations!