Check and Optimize your Website's Speed

Content heavy website, poorly designed code or misconfigured web server? Dareboost detects the root causes of slowdowns and provides tailor-made advice to fix them

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Why should you audit your website performance?

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67% of online shoppers quote slow loading times as the top reason they'd abandon a purchase. It is important, therefore, that you audit your site’s performance to improve the user’s experience and prevent unnecessary loss of income.

Dareboost offers detailed metrics related to the speed of your website and provides a comprehensive list of best practice checkpoints, enabling you to make your site load much faster.

Our advice is customized according to the context and technologies of your own website. By doing this, Dareboost becomes a valuable ally for effective optimization.

Some of our web performance checkpoints

  • Gzip compression activated
  • Consistent cache policy
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize the number of requests

Identify optimizations to be performed, follow our detailed guidelines and speed up your site to increase your sales!